Members of the editorial board

Dairy industry

Members of the editorial board

  1. V. Labinov – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Karelia, Chairman of TC 470 «Milk and Dairy Products»
  2. N. Ostretsov – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Vologda State Milk Academy of. N.V. Vereshchagin, Chair «Mechanization and Electrification of Animal Breeding and Belarusian Railway», Professor
  3. К. Konstantin – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Russian Economic University. G.V. Plekhanova (Voronezh Branch), Department of Commerce and Commodity Science, Professor
  4. Yu. Prosekov – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Kemerovo Technological Institute of Food Industry, Rector
  5. N. Sergeev – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Corresponding Member. of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academy of Food Security, Chairperson
  6. A.Tikhomirova – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Moscow State University of Food Production, Professor
  7. Fayzulin – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, «UfaHormolzavod» LLC, General Director
  8. D. Kharitonov – Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Dairy Research Institute (VNIMI), Chief Specialist
  9. V. Kharitonov – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, the Dairy Research Institute (VNIMI), Director
  10. G. Hramtsov – Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Stavropol Technological University

Members of the editorial council

  1. V. Anisimov – Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Stavropol’skiy molochnyy kombinat, General Director
  2. F. Walter – Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Lyubinskiy molochnokonservnyy kombinat, General Director
  3. A. Dautov – Dairy plant «Laktis», General Director
  4. Yu. Maksimov – OJSC «MILKOM», Deputy General Director – Vice–President – Manager
  5. N. Ponomarev – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies, Head of the Department of «Technology of Milk and Dairy Products», member of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues, Chairman of the Council of the Russian Dairy Union
  6. V. Rodionov – Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Department «Milk and Meat Cattle», Professor
  7. N. Trubin – Kirovskiy molochnyy kombinat, General Director
  8. k. Suraev – Candidate of Economic Sciences, OJSC » Molochnyy zavod «, General Director
  9. I. Shirinkin – Tul’skiy molochnyy kombinat, Deputy General Director

Cheesemaking and buttermaking

Members of the editorial board

G.B. Gavrilov – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Honored Worker of the Food Industry of the Russian Federation, Yaroslavl State Institute of Quality of Raw Materials and Food Products, Director

N.B. Gavrilova – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Omsk State Agrarian University. P.A. Stolypin, Department of Food and Food Biotechnology, Professor

A.A. Mayorov – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Siberian Research Institute of Cheese Making, Director

L.A. Ostroumov – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, Professor, Chairman of the Dissertation Council

Yu.Ya. Sviridenko – Doctor of Biological Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, All–Russia Research Institute of Butter and Cheese Making, Director

V.I. Cheverov – «Dominant» Trading House, head of the dairy division

Members of the editorial council

A.S. Evdokimova – Candidate of Engineering Sciences

E.T.Linkevich – Candidate of Engineering Sciences, «Belebeyevskiy ordena Znak pocheta» molochnyy kombinat» OJSC, General Director

N.M. Strashnov – Candidate of Engineering Sciences, «Orbita», General Director

N.I. Solovyov – Candidate of Engineering Sciences, International College of Cheese Making, Barnaul, Director

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