Magazine «Cheesemaking and buttermaking»

The magazine has been published since 1998

Aims and Scope:

Magazines are addressed to specialists involved in dairy production, development of equipment and output of packing and auxiliary materials.The scope of magazine’s subjects includes raw materials, technologies ingredients equipment, finished products packing and distribution, economy,
personnel, resources and production management.

Technology. Equipment. Automatization
Row materials and ingredients. Packaging
Standardization. Manufacturing supervision
Manufacturing organization
Sales. Economy. Marketing. Logistics
Labour management. Staff training

Format: 210х290 mm

Volume: 56 pages

Color grade: 4+4

Language: Russian

Periodicity: 6 issues a year

Distribution: subscription in all regions of Russian Federation, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kirghizia, Armenia, Turkmenia, Baltics


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