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(the oldest branch magazine, published since 1902) and “Cheese-making and oil-making” (the only specialized magazine in the world, published since 1998). Our magazines are a source of actual practical information intended for specialists in the dairy industry, not only medium and large dairy enterprises, but also small private dairies, cheese makers, and farms.
In the headings “Technology page”, “School of microbiologists”, “Questions of standardization”, “School of cheese-making”, etc., leading experts of the industry give answers to questions and practical advice that are of interest to readers, taking into account the specifics of the work of specific enterprises. When selecting thematic articles, the editors focus on the questions of our readers, the current problems of industry, which are raised at industry conferences, seminars, exhibitions, as well as when visiting Russian and foreign enterprises. Magazines “Dairy Industry” comes out monthly, “Cheese and buttermaking” – six times a year.


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