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1.  Trade marks on the Russian cheese market
Rybalova T.I.

2.  New packaging solutions for cheese makers. The seminar of the company Sealed Air in Uglich
Raicheva E.Yu.

3.  Effects of the barrier indices of the polymer packes on quality and keepability of packed cheese
Orlova E.A., Mordvinova V.A., Sviridenko G.M.

4.  Development of the modern protective technologies for reduction losses in cheese making >
Snejko A.G., Strahova P., Ramanauskas R., Galginaitine L.

5.  Loaf cheese: merits and drawbacks  >
Mayorov A.A.

6.  Effects of the packaging materials properties on the quality of smoked processed cheese and cheese products  >
Dunaev A.V., Orlova E.A., Kalabushkin V.V., Alekseeva E.V.

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Russia exported cow butter since 1822. Firstly that product purchased Turkey and Egypt. For transporting butter was melted and put in wooden barrels. Therefore melted butter called "Russian butter".

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